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arabika java puntang - natural

Gunung puntang coffee is one of the best coffees from West Java which has just won an award at the 2016 Expo Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) contest. Gunung Puntang coffee is produced by UMKM Palalangon Coffee House which is managed by Ayi Sutedja in the valley of Mount Puntang and assisted by local residents who work as farmers, coffee farmer groups who work closely with Ayi Sutedja.


Variety   : Typica
Height.   : 1300-1400 mdpl
Process : Natural
Taste      : Lychee, Black Tea,  Hint Orange, Citrusy


The origin of the coffee plant on Mount Puntang dates back 3 centuries. Precisely during the Dutch colonial era in the 1700s. But these coffee trees are in the forest interior of Mount Puntang.

This puntang mountain coffee belongs to the Arabica type, what distinguishes coffee puntang and other coffees are a combination of seed quality, land height, Soil conditions, weather, and processing methods greatly determine the taste of coffee and Ayi Sutedja said that Mount Puntang did have everything it needed coffee plants to thrive and produce quality beans. Factor aside nature and seeds, Ayi Sutedja cultivates coffee in an organic way, plants wild coffee on the slopes of the mountain which only serves as a fence for the gardens vegetables, planting and maintaining plants without involving chemicals, harvesting fruit by picking red, and proper drying will affect the taste and aroma of coffee beans.




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