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Temanggung coffee is well known as a coffee with a distinctive character, especially for arabica which has a unique character of tobacco aroma because coffee plants coexist with tobacco plants.

Robusta as the majority of coffee varieties in Temanggung also has its own advantages, this can be seen from the frequency of Temanggung Robusta coffee winning various national and international coffee contests.


Variety  : Fine Robusta

Height    : 900 – 1000 mdpl 

Process : Natural

Taste.    : Woody, Guava, Roasted Peanut & Palm Sugar.


Temanggung Regency is located on the volcanic Dieng Plateau with an average elevation between 500 and 1450 meters. It is landlocked. The volcanoes Mount Sundoro and Mount Sumbing rise on its border with the Wonosobo Regency. Its major drainage system is the Progo River and its tributaries.

This area is one of the best Robusta Coffee plantations of Java. Our more than 141Ha organic certified Robusta Coffee Farms is located at an altitude of more than 800 meters.




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