Relationship Goals

Be our core partner business. We strive not only to be your trustworthy coffee supplier, but also acts as a partner to support your business growth. Learn more about our wholesale business practices here.
We understand hospitality. Our hope is that our pursuit of quality coffee will help your business succeed. You’ll find an entire team of professionals to help you along your journey, each an industry leader in their own field of expertise. Read below about what we can offer and let us know if you have any questions.

Our Services

Business Growth Consultancy

When you do business with us, we don’t stop at the deliveries. Understanding your unique circumstances in order to support your business growth is an essential part of our wholesale practices, to make sure we grow together and create a sustainable and profitable future for your company.

Training & Assessment

One of our mission is to give access to education and training throughout the countries, and one of the main channel to do that is through our wholesale clients. Our training division will make sure your barista have a proper fundamental knowledge about coffee, starting from the history, roasting processes, brewing techniques, equipment maintenance and customer service skills that comes with the profession.

Brand Support & Collaboration

Based in South Jakarta, we believed that we can colaborate and support our business partner to maximum level.

Greenbean Sourcing

we also have various greenbeans from all provinces in Indonesia and are ready to serve your green bean needs.

Roastedbean provider & Custom Blend Specialist

we serve you with sincerity according to your request in roasting your coffee beans and we are also experts in blending according to your wishes

Equipment Services & Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance of your machine

Evaluating & Providing Feedback Coffee Quality
(Arabica & Robusta)

Coffee Evaluation Grading & Services

Events & Catering

We provide your events & catering 

Do you want our beans in your venue?




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